“Resurrection” Is a Dangerous Word

I was recently asked to provide some music for a Christmas candle lighting and memorial service for a grief support group my parents joined after the loss of my sister. I chose to sing “Jesus Saves” by Travis Cottrell accompanied by myself on piano. I also decided to read an excerpt from an excellent article titled “Christmas Is ror Those Who Hate It Most”. 

There was one problem though, in this sentence:

Jesus was made to be like us so that in his resurrection we can be made like him; free from the fear of death and the pain of loss. 

It takes on a whole new meaning, however, if you do not properly enunciate one of the words in that sentence, and I didn’t. I corrected myself, but my dad caught it. 

Oh my…

I mention this, not to make light of an otherwise profound statement, but I believe God has a sense of humor. It’s important to laugh at life sometimes as well as ourselves, and perhaps at that moment I needed some levity.

But next time I say the word “resurrection” in front of people, I’m going to be a lot more careful. I guess that’s what I get for trying to do two things at once, or as I like to say it’s one of those ways God keeps me humble.

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