Hello World!

So, I have been telling myself for years that I need to build a new website, but sadly I just never found the time. There have just been too many other priorities, but I’m finally taking the plunge. This site currently has no design or much content to speak of (and may not for awhile), but it is a start and can evolve over time.

I launched my old website, www.denny.daugherty.name in 2004, over six years ago. (You can view the site on Archive.org) I built it from scratch and incorporated a Movable Type blog. That was a long time ago, and eventually it went the way of all good things… I stopped posting to the blog, and after a server move or two half the site stopped working. I largely let it go, mostly because I didn’t have time or inclination to deal with it. I also didn’t want to do anything drastic and affect otherwise good search engine ranking (and cool URIs don’t change), but I knew I needed to do something. The site was doing more harm than good.

In November of 2009 I registered DENNYDAUGHERTY.COM with goal to eventually have it replace the old site. The .NAME domain was a nice idea at the time, but it never caught on and became more of a nuisance. Eventually a few months ago I put up a simple one page site with links to my different social networking profiles and a contact form. It wasn’t much, but it was something. I figured it would help get the URL into search engines and provide something presentable that could link to other sites with more complete and up to date information.

The temporary solution worked well, but finally I’m at the point where I want to be able to post a blog and point people to it. Sure, it isn’t much to look at (yet), but it’s better than nothing. If I keep waiting for the perfect time, plan, design, etc… well it just will never happen. So the plan now is to slowly build some content and work on the site as I have time. Eventually I will redirect all traffic from the old site to this one and officially shut that one down. I may import my old movable type posts, but I haven’t decided for sure yet. Hopefully this site will turn out much better than the old one, and I look forward to sharing with others through it.

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